Charlottetown to Host 2011 Canadian Powerlifting Championships

The PEI Powelifting Association has secured the hosting rights for the 2011 National Powerlifting Championships for the City o Charlottetown and the Province of Prince Edward Island.

The National Championships is the premier sporting event in Canada for powerlifters; it is where the members for the world championship teams are decided.

The sport of powerlifting consists of 3 lifts: The Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Placings are determined by a total lift based upon the best lift of each of the three lifts combined.

The 2011 Nationals will be a 5 day event, running from Wednesday, March 30th to Sunday, April 3rd, 2011. Wednesday will be the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s Annual General Meting and in the evening the opening ceremonies. Thursday through Saturday will feature the powerlifting portion of the Nationals. Sunday will feature the National Bench Press Championships, followed by the banquet in the evening.

The event will be held at the host hotel – The Rodd Royalty Inn. The lifting will be held in the Courtyard at the hotel and will make for a great atmosphere and ambience for all lifters and spectators.

The 2011 Nationals will attract close to 300 powerlifters from across Canada, competing in all age categories, both male and female. It will have a long lasting economic impact and legacy on the City of Charlottetown. The event will generate close to 600 room nights for the host hotel, in addition to positive economic impact felt across the city.

When submitting their bid, the host committee decided on the year 2011 for two reasons; the first being that the World Championships for the masters age category (40 years+) will be held in Canada and, secondly, the World Championships for the sub?junior and junior age categories (14 – 23 years) will also be held in Canada.

Meet Director, Tom Nicholls, noted “The second reason is the important reason, in that the over the past four years, members of the association have worked very hard in getting powerlifting into the high school system across the province. To date, there are eight high schools on PEI who have a powerlifting program in place. With this growth, I felt that it was imperative to give the kids an opportunity to lift at a national championship in their home province and in front of their families and friends. Plus, they have the chance to make the world team and represent their country at the World Championships, which will also be held in Canada in 2011.”

With two world championships being held in Canada in 2011, the National Championships, to be held in Charlottetown, has the potential to be the largest ever in terms of participants.

Nicholls also stated, “I would like to thank everyone for their involvement in the sport of powerlifting and to share in our joy and victory in obtaining the hosting rights to the 2011 Nationals.”

“Sporting events, like the Canadian Powerlifting Union National Championships, have a tremendous impact on our community, leaving a legacy of sport, community and economic development for future generations,” said Mayor Lee. “Our support of the event will enhance the social and economic legacies, benefiting Charlottetown and sport of powerlifting for years to come.”

“This event is a great economic boost for Charlottetown in what is traditionally a slow time of year,” stated Tourism Charlottetown and the Prince Edward Island Convention Partnership CEO, Lee Gauthier. “With 300 athletes coming to the Island plus spectators this is surely a huge success for the host committee. Tourism Charlottetown and the Prince Edward Island Convention Partnership is proud to partner with the City of Charlottetown o the SCORE! initiative to assist committees such as this one to bring these world class events to Charlottetown.”

For further information, please contact any member of the host organizing committee:

Tom Nicholls
Meet Director, 2011 National Championships Host Committee
Vice President, PEI Powerlifting Association

Heather Ayles
Competition Director, 2011 National Championships Host Committee
President, PEI Powerlifting Association

Jason Mosher
On?site Event Coordinator, 2011 National Championships Host Committee
Public Relations Officer, PEI Powerlifting Association

Gineen Nicholls
Hospitality Coordinator, 211 National Championships Host Committee


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